About Us

Welcome to my honorable profession of residential real estate~

I thank my lovely Father every day for encouraging me to get into the business of dreams come true. I established my business over twenty-three years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was proudly born and raised.

The real estate market in the Bay Area is one of the most demanding in the country due to the significant amounts of money at stake, the impressive level of client sophistication, and the emotional and psychological investment involved in multifaceted transactions.

The thousands of people I’ve encountered in my career and the hundreds of clients I’ve served and had the joy of representing, have truly enriched and changed my life. It’s an unparalleled diversity of professions and personalities I’ve navigated together with including Standford Professors, Fortune 500 Executives, High Level Military Officers, Government Officials, and First Responders to name a few.

I’ve been a relocation specialist over twenty years and pride myself on being expert in understanding and sensitizing myself to the delicate and most often emotional dance of relocating one’s life, family, and home. Knowing the need for advocacy at both geographical ends of one’s relocation journey, I have surrounded myself with experienced agents throughout the US.

Wanting a change in lifestyle and to expand my business, my very supportive husband and I took a leap of faith in ourselves and relocated to the stunning Temecula Valley (Southern California) One of very few Mediterranean climates in the world for growing grapes and making wine. I manage a Southern California and Northern California business now (with a prominent team) and loving every minute.

A final note: Consider me an educator, advocate at all times, fierce negotiator for you, and always looking out for you and your family’s needs and assets as if they were my own.

Sincerely Denice Nagel~